Monday, January 12, 2009

Secret Wishes and Christmas Blessings

secret wishes do come true
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I have had a secret wish since I moved to Florida with my mom. When we left California, I was ten years old and I had a dollhouse at my dads. I was there rarely so I didn't get to play with it much but, I loved it. When we moved I had to leave it behind. We had no room and I don't think my dad would have let me take it anyway.

Well every time I have seen a dollhouse over the years I have wished for my own again. And even though I know I exclaimed excitedly every time we saw them, I don't think anyone noticed how much I loved them! I have this thing about miniatures. Furniture, books, animals. I love them. And this year my wish came true. I got a dollhouse for Christmas. It's 40 years old and belonged to a woman who got it as a child so its awesome and vintage. Its in need of repair, which I think is awesome! I get to do construction on my house.... I LOVE it. Its 3 stories, a New England Style blue farmhouse with a wrap around porch and 5 rooms. And the awesome thing is, I already have tons of stuff I can use inside it. Scrapbooking paper makes excellent wallpaper with its anti yellowing properties! And I have LOADS of vintage paper.

So thats my secret wish and it came true.

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