Thursday, January 15, 2009

Colors! Too many colors!!

So I'm wondering how many people out there doing minis have the same problem I have. Picking a color for my house! I tried pink, cream, a different shade of blue then it now is..... and finally settled on grey. It actually looks great. But the windows are the worst..... I again tried all the colors previously mentioned and more! Nothing looks good. Beige looked dirty. Blue did not look right. Too much like a house boat. Pink turned the house into a little girls play dollhouse and I am going for adult not childhood toy. Cream didn't really show up. Yellow looked wrong. I think I'm stuck with white. It doesn't look bad but it makes the house seem cold. I could be wrong though. I need some opinions. I will post pics as soon as my batterys for my camera recharge. It wouldn't even let me squeeze one more teeny little pic out of it. Traitorous camera!!

I did find some new pictures of my house. It's called The Washington. And since its an old dollhouse... It could be one of there earliest editions of it. But I'm not sure. I can't seem to find a first date of production, just that it was the first kit that Greenleaf(?) produced. Anywho the new photos of it are amazing. I love how they painted it. It seems to have disappeared from their website though. Otherwise I would post a link...... I may have a shot of it though, lets look. There it is for your viewing pleasure! I want to do the detail like that. It's interesting that they didn't put shingles or siding on it. They just painted the roof and outside walls. I was thinking that would be awful but just look at it! It's lovely. They even left out the silly little diamond thingys that go on the window frames. (I used a chisel and hammer to remove mine)

Alright, back to painting the house. I still have some grey to put on and then do a second coat. I think I will make an Addams Family house at some point too. Check back soon for a photo of the house in grey.... If the battery will hurry up and charge!

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  1. What a beautiful painted house!!

    Mini Hugs from Barcelona (Spain)