Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Since I am on a little hiatus from the house I figured I would at least show some of the furniture I picked up for it so far.

Here's a peek at the furniture. The white hutch in the bath type room is a micheals hutch that I painted and reworked a bit. The blue chaise and stool along with all the furniture in the bedroom are all Ideal Petite Princess furniture from 1964. I LOVE them. I actually have the dining hutch and grandfather clock from that line too. I think I will pick up almost all the other pieces since I like them so much. I had no idea plastic furniture could be so darn cute! And well made. The sofa and chair in the living room and actually a soft blue. I still need to finish the paper on the third wall of the bathroom but I am out of the glue I used. I'm going to be ordering it in bulk instead of paying retail. The upside to that is it is also a scrapbooking glue! I love it when my supplies work in several crafts. Asyou can tell the kitchen and bedroom are also both in need of paper. If I could decide then that would be helpful!

This will not be my last post on the dollhouses. I will keep added more on it as I do it in addition to my scrapbooking pages.

Change in tune

I've been busily trudging away at the dollhouse for some time now. I have a bunch of furniture that came in for it too. But recently I have had a lot of stress hit me from several sides. I don't handle it well and I often go back to comfort things when it hits hard. So I have shelved the dollhouse for now. I am going to a show next month and hopefully it will pull me back in then. For the moment I am back to my first craft... scrapbooking. I was an avid scrapbooker for several years and then(3 years ago) like now, I had a series of very stressful events and I was turned off completely from it. I have done one or two projects but they were hard to complete as I was completely devoid of inspiration and creativity. But now I actually had a craving to do it! My wonderful husband let me run a little wild at Michaels when I saw they had some beautiful new lines from K & Company, one of my favorite brands. So here are the pages I have done in the last 3 days. I am amazed I got so many done!

The pages are in chronologial order of when I completed them starting at the bottom and going up. I always forget blogger uploads backwards with multiple images. So the top ones were done today and the others over the weekend. They are of myself, my WONDERFUL husband, and my BF Summer and my friend Lyssah. Can you tell I adore them? And it actually got me to use some of the new things I got. Like the letters in Good Times. I'm sooo very bad about hording my supplies. I have too many! But now I am forcing myself to use them instead of saying: "well what if I need them for some special project down the road? I must not use hem until then". And then they get stuck in a drawer and shuffled through everytime I'm looking for supplies, looked at and drooled over and put away. The paper in the top 3 pictures is stuff I bought 4-5 years ago. And its so pretty and perfect for use on my friend layouts.